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About Parke House Academy Preschool and Elementary School

We are committed to challenging each student intellectually, emotionally and physically

Parke House Academy’s vision includes the preparation and continual assessment of a well-balanced academic program with both competitive and cooperative learning experiences. Our preschool or pre-k and elementary school curriculum simultaneously promotes a healthy social and cognitive development. Parke House Academy students acquire the necessary skills to meet both present and future challenges.

Parke House Academy is a private learning academy that offers an academically oriented environment. We emphasize the acquisition of cognitive skills. Social, emotional, and physical development skills are incorporated through dynamic, innovative, and stimulating activities that complement children’s learning styles. We are traditional in our content, but young and innovative in our approach. Parke House Academy’s curriculum is advanced. All grade levels work from instructional skill acquisition, mastery, and applications that are taught, practiced, reinforced, and rewarded throughout the curriculum.

The environment at Parke House Academy is conducive to effective teaching and learning due to our low student-teacher ratio, dedicated teachers, and progressive curriculum.

We believe, through our resolve to maintain low pupil-teacher ratios, we can provide more one-on-one activities, individualized instruction, and most importantly, greater academic achievement focused on quality work.

We are committed to challenging each student intellectually, emotionally and physically. Each classroom is cheerful, inviting, and filled with developmentally appropriate teaching materials and resources.

Classrooms are arranged to accommodate the individual, as well as cooperative learning experiences. Students engage in learning sessions with the teacher, small and large group instruction and learning centers.

Throughout the day, students rotate to the library, computer lab, music, art, physical education, Spanish, character development, STEM class, and public speaking/debate or opportunities in specialized learning.

Parke House offers daily morning care from 7:30 am until classes begin.

After care is offered in Lower and Upper Division until 6:00 p.m.

These services require additional fees.

After-school enrichment classes are also available for additional fees. We offer a wide variety of fun, educational, and technological options.


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