Dynamic Curriculum

Parke House Academy ‘s objective is to prepare and maintain a positive and stimulating learning environment that challenges each student to reach the height of educational excellence. The quality learning materials and equipment that have been selected enhance our exceptional curriculum. We are traditional in our content, but young and innovative in our style. Parke House Academy’s curriculum is advanced. All grade levels work from instructional materials in Language Arts ,  Reading , and Mathematics  that are one grade level higher. Basic skill acquisition, mastery, and application are taught, practiced, reinforced, and rewarded throughout the curriculum.


Our approach to curriculum is based on the following principals that dominate research and create a balanced program of instruction. Integration of basic and higher order thinking skills is a key element throughout our curriculum. Opportunities to learn beyond traditional age/grade expectations are encouraged and abundant. Informal assessments of individual abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles help shape the curriculum.


A foundation in phonics with a wide variety of reading materials is incorporated to produce strong readers. Writing is taught as a process of brainstorming, composing, revising and editing. Students build on their informal knowledge in mathematics and use their perception of numbers in flexible and creative ways as our mathematics instruction is not presented as a series of isolated facts. Science is taught and learned as a result of exploration, observation¸ prediction¸ experimentation and evaluation. Social Studies is used as a catalyst to encourage exploration of our world, its people, and their cultures. State-of-the-art technology and stimulating software is incorporated into the curriculum to produce computer literate students ready to accept the challenges of our ever changing world.